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sg_recipes's Journal

Singapore Recipes
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The gastronomic joys of Singapore are beyond compare, but they are a well-kept secret. Too well-kept, if you ask me. Now is the time to spread the joy. Share your recipes for the best of Singapore cuisine. Cooks around the world will make them and let everyone know that this tiny island has more to offer than clean toilets and safe streets!

How this community will work:
1. Make a post with the subject "<Some Singaporean dish>". Tag the entry with the most significant ingredients of the dish, for future reference.
2. If you have a recipe for this dish, post it in a comment
3. After you try a recipe, respond to the same comment and give feedback. Mention whether it tastes good, how authentic it was, reasonable recipe substitutions, as well as pictures of the finished product.
4. Turn this into the best resource for Singapore Recipes ever!

This community is for anyone, whether you are:
1. The best cook in your family
2. A Singaporean studying overseas who's craving chicken rice
3. Someone whose uncle/grandmother/sister makes the best chili crab ever and you just want to share
4. Looking for a new recipe to experiment with
5. About to travel to Singapore and are curious about what you're going to get to eat
6. Anyone!